As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Grateful for Anna

Today I had coffee with a friend who I have not seen in almost two years.  I was nervous...

Some friendships no matter what time or space present, can for some unknown reason, survive.

I met Anna during our time at the cafe, she was a loyal customer, who became a friend, and at that time I was grateful.

In the beginning of our friendship, Anna was possibly going through one of the toughest things we all will ever experience; the death of her mother.   I am glad that at that time I could be there for her.

We parted ways, Anna started the beginning of a new career (which I might add is truly flourishing now!!) and I too was on a different path, having finished up at the cafe, travelling and finding a new career for myself.

But we never lost contact, even when not seeing each other that often, in fact, due to circumstance, having not spent any time together for two years.

Two days ago she entered my mind, and I sent her a SMS just saying hi, and hoping she was doing OK.

Today we caught up over a coffee.

Anna had not changed (do we ever anyway!!) the warmth of her being just pushed me back in my chair, her presence comforting....

Today I am grateful for Anna.....

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