As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Monday, January 31, 2011

Autumn Dress

The rushing waters
Sweeping away the sadness
Burns a hole in my heart
Broken by the desire
That takes hold
In the metal clutches
Of muddy soil
Swallowing the earth
It’s time to let go
The drying eyes
That thinks alone
While waiting to fall
Forging a path
Amongst the leaves
Amber and gold
Oranges and browns
Mixed with death
Dressing the spirit in light
A dress made of autumn silk

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The orange glow
Circling her face
The flickering flame
Reflecting in the dark of her eyes
I see you I want to say
But I can’t
I can only watch her
She holds the flame
And brilliance begins to rise
And there is intense warmth
A moment we share
Shadows quiver above us
Like fluttering birds
I wonder if she can feek my flame
Our flame
The substance within me
The flare that ignites
And the ashes that remain
Does she know I need her light?
My warmth
Her warmth
Our luminous glow
Without that
I am nothing

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Swooping Light

Fixated in a moment
Where explosive vocal chords
Are heard like whispers
Undercover breath
Are silent screams
Like a deaf confession
Or memory broken
Exposing the time
As the swooping force
Plummets down
Blanketing shaking shadows
To take cover in obscurity
The past is swept away
Like forgotten flowers
Scattered upon the aging stone
And a flood is released
Cleansing the earth
Immersed in the rising foam
Bearing down on the coarse crust
The anguishing flesh
Flushes away traces of mould
Leaving only the remains of what is pure

                          The light


Falling into your floating light
There is peace when you are near
Inside the dream
Where silence is clasped shut
I scream for you
My heart aches
I am wrong
I want you
But fear reigns
Blocking the warmth
Failing the heart
Dening the love
Leaving me trapped, alone


Friday, January 21, 2011


Poem 13......
Back arched toward
The morning light
Tip toeing through
The grass
As love rises
Amongst the earths
First movement
My ears feel your music
Your shadow
Draped over my left shoulder
You penetrate my wanting
As you brush over my being


Clutching at what was
Wanting, as you cover me
Like a darkened cloak
Pressuring me to request you
Trembling as I hold what you were
Treading in the colour of your vision
Filled with blues and orange
No longer powerful
You hear my tears
Full of hollow movement
You take my heart
I am
I am

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The last few days I have been writing a series of different poems, that funnily enough have somehow become connected in some way, they are three separate poems, yet they are dreams have been vivid and  they have traveled in my thoughts this week
Dawn amongst the
Silent breeze
Broken light
Decorates the blank pages
Colouring the unspoken
Clawing at
Denied thoughts
The heart listening
As silent patience
Stays trapped in a knowing
The asking heart
Sheds its sadness
Sitting lonely
Stitched up from isolated
Pieces of thread woven
Amongst the

6:34 the dream felt
Screeching sounds
Like rusty gates
Low hung clouds
Under my foot
As spicy salami lingers
Amongst the sleepers
And the grease shines
On her chin
 Nauseating my heart
My words true
Street lights
Train lights
The light in your heart
Turn off
Archways twitch
Music is played
Held tightly
In a coffee mug
Green flowery dreams
Warm the hands
One more chance
At happiness
His tie of blue
My love is yours
Caught in the nightmare
Oriental lions protect the
Morning light broken
By a thumping soul
The rush of looking for


That treks the hills
Looking for comfort
As her cracked lips
Call for the sky to come
Toward you.

Bending on the turn
Slowly pulling away
The book I carry
Bent from the hungry desire
Of being held
Hurts in my hands
Lost amongst searching
Following the ribbon
Draped from the window
The memories wait
Amongst the pages
Of cool water
And sweet lingering perfume
Surrounding the weightless
Stones that sink
As the floatless heart
Is embroidered
With silky wet moss
Seeking approval
That can't be controlled

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Heart withheld
Empty sadness
For you
Forever captured
In my heart

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The desire, the need and the want, clearly are not enough to create a poem every day, yet the challenge is not anywhere near over, I still have the whole year yet so not giving in (just yet).  This week I began a new journey, one with a book (thanks for the gift Melanie!!!), that I hope to write about at a later stage, but the torch was passed to me and now a light shines, waiting for me to step into it....for that I am excited....
You cross me deeply                                                 
As the moment stands in a stillness
I can't see
My life
But as I wait
The contemplative mind rests
Engaged in delivering a presence
Draped in the blemish of love
Touched with fragments of green
The vessel of light
Held tight inside
Dreams folded into small packages
With string and nots
Only to be opened in darkness
The colour of love
As you cross me
Where there is no hope
Just a silent soul

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Anne Elvey and Best Australian Poems 2010

Today I treated myself to some delights, including reading my newest book of poetry, Best Australian Poems 2010, immersed in the words and feeling my mind drifted into a world of feelings and perceptions of those such as Bruce Dawe, Lisa Gorton, Josephine Rowe, Claire Gaskin (my favourite poet!), just to name a few.  Today I discovered Anne Elvey, who I have just fallen in love with.  Not only a poet she also is a researcher, with interest in ecological ethics and cultural change. Below is one of her poems included in Best Australian Poems 2010.  This inspired my own poem (thats coming!) still working on it.  Today I was blessed......

A passenger from the childhood house
The sheen on things under blue
and the cool acreage of canary
light has not a hint of crimson

with the idea of sky over the bay.
Save tomorrow, the poster says,
from things that eat organs, things
that multiply in vessels, cells
skimming the venous and arterial
roads. (The careful knife
under the skin prises, cleaving
the old idea and the good)
Nanna can smell the rain
coming; she scents the hunger
of the soil.
When my surfaces are raw
and ragged, like a tree shedding,
I wander in memory. The past
tastes bitter and lovely
(don't stitch me up too soon)
the flame tree blooms
blood in the childhood yard.

A mask slips. Forgiveness
is neither random nor chosen.
New rain yaps on the roof,
the wipers scatter recollection,
intermittent with the light. Grace
throws itself into my lap
and licks my face. When it lands
on me, what can I do but laugh
at once wary and delighted.



Jasmine filled
The candle alights
Luminous and enticing
A hypnotic warmth
The scent weaves
Around memories
Hang from the roof
Like a handwoven loom
A time
A moment
A thought
A place
This kind of love
Still beating in me
A child
I remember I remember

Friday, January 7, 2011


Poem 6.....yet I am still one behind.  This week I have focused, looked, felt, desired and touched the words.....

It floats
Dancing amongst the light
Tiny movements
Fluttering, quivering
Against dusk
Silent grabs
Coloured by the fading sky
Its dancing stops
Amused by the stillness
Emersed in the shadows
Its drawn toward
Slowly exhaling Spring


Poem 5.......

Fumbling toward the night
Company for the heart
Broken by the healing of time
The shadow of your view
Embodied by your longing
Scanning the pages for direction
A touch
The sensuality forged in signs
I can't find
As the prediction is lost
Lost in the wondering

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Flood

poem 4.........

Metal barriers
Reflected in morning dampness
Only broken by the fallen tears
Drowning restrictions away


poem 3

in a moment
a heart felt relief
for always knowing

                      you were there

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bleeding Earth

Poem 2.......already the challenge is posed a threat!!!

Amongst the confusion
Light breaks the trance
Your distress
Drops into the heart
As the spirit clutches
To the rising smoke
Twirling in the wind
Reflecting images
In the dancing light
Caught in your step
Against the thumping earth
Trembling against the glances
From behind the sheet
You arent out of mind
As I fumble with the mistake
Of questioining
The relentless mind
Unwashed by drifting darkness
Lingers behind the tune
I no longer belong to you
Or believe my heart is yours
The silence is broken
And swallows the insecurity
You shadow me with your promise
Dragging out the fallen soul

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Corner

I have Set myself the challenge to be able to write 365 poems by the end of the year......

So poem 1....hahahah, must start somewhere

The happiness of love
Even in the midst of sorrow
Looking for the child
Is she still here?
You see my heart
That has been brushed
With the golden paint
You believe that there is light
As it reflects off the turning leaf
That begins to crumble in Summers
First heat
As the light fades
The flowing dress of gold
Drifts towards the night

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year.  Bring on 2011, goodbye 2010, thank goodness its over, what next, HELLLLPPPPPP.

I actually struggle ever year with the ending and the beginning of a new year.  Its like there is some underlying pressure that each year must better the last, that you must better YOUR last, that you can't be last and must aim for first.

I have been reflecting so much in this past few weeks as things come to an end.


Reflection has told me I have materially gained all I NEED, financially I have enough, I have no debts and I am not chasing money.  My family and friendship world is as good as it ever has been, even though there are flaws and there is always work required in all relationships.  I now live in a place where my heart finds peace and my soul can rest. the reflection, I guess I see the flaws.  The outer functions, the inner suffers.  The spirit I realise has been neglected.

So 2011 is the YEAR OF THE SPIRIT

I have 365 days and I aim to write 365 poems

I have 365 days to discover new music

I have 365 days to spend at least half smiling or laughing

I have 365 to learn more, more words, more lessons, more history, more education

I have 365 days to reject fear and embrace confidence

I have 365 days to climb walls

I have 365 days to see, not look or view but see.  Kaylene pointed out to me that my observations are beautiful and my response was I search in desperation for things so I can squeeze in as much as I can before I no longer can see.  She said my observations are not visual they are seen through the heart and soul, the eyes are merely the windows in which I make the observation.  Also highlighted several conversations Melanie and myself have had about heightening other senses as I lose my sight.

so I have 365 days to learn to "see" in other ways.

I have 365 days to travel some more (plan a holiday to Katherine to see Jules!!!)

I have 365 days to learn not to fear (I hope this to be a shorter process!!) life happens I have to give in a bit.

I have 365 days to feed my spirit with nourishment, READ, WRITE, LISTEN, FEEL and my most important lesson LOVE.

So my mission, and I have accepted to attack it head on has an aim that is quite simple:

live with integrity, love in abundance, feel everything, trust in the universe and BE ME, not always the best me, but the me I am meant to be.


Sugar coated
Your lips leased
From the place of knowing
And dreams of forgivness
Trapped in a dirty touch
Your breath sticks to me
It is the universe
That wraps around my sun
Feeling the silence bekon us
It is not far away