As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The last few days I have been writing a series of different poems, that funnily enough have somehow become connected in some way, they are three separate poems, yet they are dreams have been vivid and  they have traveled in my thoughts this week
Dawn amongst the
Silent breeze
Broken light
Decorates the blank pages
Colouring the unspoken
Clawing at
Denied thoughts
The heart listening
As silent patience
Stays trapped in a knowing
The asking heart
Sheds its sadness
Sitting lonely
Stitched up from isolated
Pieces of thread woven
Amongst the

6:34 the dream felt
Screeching sounds
Like rusty gates
Low hung clouds
Under my foot
As spicy salami lingers
Amongst the sleepers
And the grease shines
On her chin
 Nauseating my heart
My words true
Street lights
Train lights
The light in your heart
Turn off
Archways twitch
Music is played
Held tightly
In a coffee mug
Green flowery dreams
Warm the hands
One more chance
At happiness
His tie of blue
My love is yours
Caught in the nightmare
Oriental lions protect the
Morning light broken
By a thumping soul
The rush of looking for


That treks the hills
Looking for comfort
As her cracked lips
Call for the sky to come
Toward you.

Bending on the turn
Slowly pulling away
The book I carry
Bent from the hungry desire
Of being held
Hurts in my hands
Lost amongst searching
Following the ribbon
Draped from the window
The memories wait
Amongst the pages
Of cool water
And sweet lingering perfume
Surrounding the weightless
Stones that sink
As the floatless heart
Is embroidered
With silky wet moss
Seeking approval
That can't be controlled

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