As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year.  Bring on 2011, goodbye 2010, thank goodness its over, what next, HELLLLPPPPPP.

I actually struggle ever year with the ending and the beginning of a new year.  Its like there is some underlying pressure that each year must better the last, that you must better YOUR last, that you can't be last and must aim for first.

I have been reflecting so much in this past few weeks as things come to an end.


Reflection has told me I have materially gained all I NEED, financially I have enough, I have no debts and I am not chasing money.  My family and friendship world is as good as it ever has been, even though there are flaws and there is always work required in all relationships.  I now live in a place where my heart finds peace and my soul can rest. the reflection, I guess I see the flaws.  The outer functions, the inner suffers.  The spirit I realise has been neglected.

So 2011 is the YEAR OF THE SPIRIT

I have 365 days and I aim to write 365 poems

I have 365 days to discover new music

I have 365 days to spend at least half smiling or laughing

I have 365 to learn more, more words, more lessons, more history, more education

I have 365 days to reject fear and embrace confidence

I have 365 days to climb walls

I have 365 days to see, not look or view but see.  Kaylene pointed out to me that my observations are beautiful and my response was I search in desperation for things so I can squeeze in as much as I can before I no longer can see.  She said my observations are not visual they are seen through the heart and soul, the eyes are merely the windows in which I make the observation.  Also highlighted several conversations Melanie and myself have had about heightening other senses as I lose my sight.

so I have 365 days to learn to "see" in other ways.

I have 365 days to travel some more (plan a holiday to Katherine to see Jules!!!)

I have 365 days to learn not to fear (I hope this to be a shorter process!!) life happens I have to give in a bit.

I have 365 days to feed my spirit with nourishment, READ, WRITE, LISTEN, FEEL and my most important lesson LOVE.

So my mission, and I have accepted to attack it head on has an aim that is quite simple:

live with integrity, love in abundance, feel everything, trust in the universe and BE ME, not always the best me, but the me I am meant to be.

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