As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Her voice caresses my presence
Her smile comfort
Will I ever forget her?
Walking in the dust
Sugar encrusted lips
Capturing my reflection
The mirror has my face plastered
In its view
Am I here?
Scattered, searching for my exit
The horses in the middle
Saddled up and groomed
Prancing machines
Pale skin
Faces turning with mouth
And eyes wide
Your dirty hand in mine
Springs breeze across our backs
Sponge cakes and jam
Woven quilts and eucalyptus
Cages rattling as we hold tight
Hearts racing and screams of delight
And there she stood, amongst the crowd
Her smile etched in my mind
That moment, her joy, my joy
Her surprise
The delight

Monday, February 21, 2011


Upon the shelf
A jar of glass remains
To the brim
Liquid heart lies knowingly
Years of being untouched
Or open
The dust of spirit
Falls and remains
Embedding the jar deep
Buried amongst the past
You stand and observe
Waiting for time
To spell thoughts for you
Adrenalin moves the fragments
Penetrating through the glass
Drowning in loves fluid
You think my name
As you part your lips
A flowing whisper falls
Blowing the dust and cutting
Through the silence
Your love elevates the heart
From the resting shelf
The heart craving you
And not you the heart

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Almost a year ago when I began really writing poetry, Melanie set me some writing tasks to learn how to write using metaphors and similes and I wrote the below poem Love Is....and a year later Melanie spoke of introducing this to her students at school and it got me thinking how would I write Love Is now.......


Love is feeling safe
Love is family and friends
Love is laughing
Love is singing from the heart
Love is having fun
Love is Love


The butterfly lands
Silent but slightly trembling
Suddenly taking flight
That is love

Pulling back the dark curtain
The lingering shadow waits
As dawn breaks the night
That is love

The taste of mandarin and mint
The embrace of your wise arms
The repeating tune in my mind
The scent of pine trees wrapped in mist
The struggle of forgiveness
The belief of your knowing me
The victory of freedom
That is love
That is love

Sunday, February 6, 2011


The breeze carrying relief
Brushing against the uncertainty
Of bare skin
Waiting, watching
The passing captures the joy
Making the branches dance
As the scent of rain
Fills the memory
Where morning bike rides
And winters dawn
Dress our spirits
The cool air
Cleanses away our dreams
And realities shadow
Fill our lungs with doubt
Flickering specks of darkness
Pushing the conscious mind to fade
And thoughts of nothingness
Erode the earth
Slowly crumbling
Clutching at the air
Fumbling amongst nothingness
The heart expands
You are my freedom

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is the 19th poem I have written since the beginning of 2011....I know we are just entering February so I am effectively 12 poems behind....ho hum......

Crazy little moments
Running through my head
Jumbled bits of clutter
Cluttered, running scared
Tap, tap, tapping
Scuttling on the floor
Running up the hallway
Looking for a door
A place to hide their feelings
A place to hide away
A place to bury deep inside
A place to remain and stay
Crazy little thoughts
Bouncing off the walls
Bouncing like a bouncy ball
Bouncing up the halls
Crazy little thoughts
Send me spinning in a twirl
These crazy little thoughts
Stuck in a crazy little world
It’s time to clean the cluttered mind
Clean the dust and dirt away
Because crazy little thoughts
Are getting in my way
Crazy crazy little thoughts
Grow quickly in the dark
Emerging into one big thought
Moving quickly to the heart
Taking over every room
And every living space
Crazy crazy little thoughts
Its time you went away.