As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The desire, the need and the want, clearly are not enough to create a poem every day, yet the challenge is not anywhere near over, I still have the whole year yet so not giving in (just yet).  This week I began a new journey, one with a book (thanks for the gift Melanie!!!), that I hope to write about at a later stage, but the torch was passed to me and now a light shines, waiting for me to step into it....for that I am excited....
You cross me deeply                                                 
As the moment stands in a stillness
I can't see
My life
But as I wait
The contemplative mind rests
Engaged in delivering a presence
Draped in the blemish of love
Touched with fragments of green
The vessel of light
Held tight inside
Dreams folded into small packages
With string and nots
Only to be opened in darkness
The colour of love
As you cross me
Where there is no hope
Just a silent soul

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