As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I will always love you, and I remember you always at this time........

You left
You couldn’t stay
You had to leave
You went away
I hoped my love would be enough
My love for you
My love for you
Have you woken in a place I will never see?
Have you for forgotten this life?
Have you forgotten me?
Why did I not listen?
Why did I not hear?
I’m sure you tried to tell me
I’m sure you made it clear
Was I nothing to your heart?
And nothingness tore out your soul?
Tore the soul from your heart?
No warmth, no love
No longer you felt whole
Now there is nothing left
Like the dust of the earth
As the ashes rose
Is that all you’re worth?
Your spirit drifted away
And my heart it did close
A moment in time
As your spirit rose
As I closed my heart
I also closed my eyes
I let out a cry
And cried my goodbyes
Why didn’t you scream at me?
Scream, howl and cry
Maybe I would have heard you
Instead you chose to die
I have been there
Stared pain in the face
Nothing worth loving
Nothing but blackness
Nothing but hate
My head full of hatred
My body full of dread
You could have ripped out my heart
Held it, felt it
My heart too felt dead
Shades and shadows of death
Loomed all around
The doors felt closed
In a place underground
Where did I lose myself?
On a path made for me
It was a map of my life
But I felt lost
In a life which that did not deserve me
Like you I wanted to die
And go far away
But something saved me
It was life, my life
My soul
As seasons change
I feel your soul is free
I feel your spirit
Do you feel me?
But as I say goodbye
I cry tears for you
I cry
I cry
I’ll always love you

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