As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Sunday, November 7, 2010


The image not black or white
My infant crying in your heart
Below the shell
That sits on the shelf
Slightly cracked
Glistening light
Cradled around the mutated life
Crammed in the cup
How will she fly home
When the heart can't settle
Knowing she will break
On her landing
The changed mind
Reminds her of unspoken words
The silence that has been broken
By hate
Dirt falls in the corners of the room
From the distracted listening
She shouts silent demands
The empty room finds it echo
Its response scares her
Sounding like a distant creator
Draped in a luminous darkness
The black glow she thought
Had long gone
But her eyes now ache from the concentration
Of watching
As she waits for her time
I don't understand you
Your feeling
Your presance
That fills sthe space
That you drown me in
A liquid muddy water
that clings to the wall of
Muted yellows
Smudging the images
That are imprinted into the surface
You shiver as the black air wraps around
You and your shadow
That merges upon the wooden floor
Your hope caught in the nape
Of your shadows neck
That too fades
Time does not change anything
Time changes time
Time is all that remains

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