As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Sunday, November 7, 2010


For anyone who knows me, and for those who don't, I loooovvveeeee Kasey Chambers and tonight Jules and myself went to her "Little Bird" show (yep, take note, LITTLE BIRD, there is a theme) I have been to every show of hers, (but no I am not one of those obsessed fans, who wait at the stage door, clutching paraphernalia for my idol to sign) we saw those people, and good on em, waiting, chain smoking in anticipation for their idol.  But I just don't get it, do they realise their idol has finished work for the day and they want to go be normal like the rest of us.  I just don't get that idea of "wanting" more from someone just because they are famous.  They are human, with feelings and beings and desires.  They are not made to meet our needs or desires.  Especially after we have just been treated to almost two hours of our idol at their most. 

These people I concluded tonight are the same people who pushed in front of me in the line for the merchandise (I was buying my niece a little Kasey Chambers doll!!), they push in at the entry door (when its allocated seating, don't get that!!), they run for the toilets.  They sit behind you in the theater repeating "play The Pines, they never play The Pines" or the people in front who aren't happy with their seats (4 rows from the front, they were brilliant seats!!!) they are the same people who cut in when leaving the jam packed car park and then they are the people who are waiting at the stage door for Kasey to leave...where I began.  Makes me wonder about human kind.....human kindNESS.....

BUT ALL THAT ASIDE (just me not understanding people really) I had a brilliant time.  Little Bird is the newest of Kasey's album and is beautiful (as always!) and she played a few tunes from that album, but she re-visited all the favourites from her past, she entertained and treated us to a show with no bells and whistles, big bangs and a light show.  Just music and more music.  I loved it.  The Captain, is my favourite and has traveled with me for so many years check out the video on youtube

The Captain-Max Sessions

But The Captain inspired my thoughts below

I am not perfect
I lie
I bend the truth
I protect
I protect you
I hide
I love you
I am no-one
I owe you
I keep trying
I believe in you
I ask for seconds
I have found peace
I know my journey
I see
I see you
I know my dream
I feel
I will fight
I will fight for you
I resist change
I can't change
I won't change
I am
I am me

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