As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today I saw Mary word AMAZING......second feeling......AMAZING. That the grown up can revert to the child self. I felt like I was going to lift onto the stage and be engulfed in sight and sound and fly with Mary. All the feelings I had as a child watching the movie over an over again came back to me, but so much more intensified and all levels of imagination, innocence and freedom. So I have written something, first draft, but the initial feelings....amazing feelings

The lark
Singing with the golden voice
Bringing in the morning light
Shinning hope
A happiness sounding true
But caged broken voices
Scream freedom
Through the east wind
The change blows in
The language of the lark
Where wind is like breath
A natural wisdom
Dipped in spiritual purity
Dreams of bright sun
Warm wings flutter
Filling the heart with light
The caged bird flies around
Injected with playfulness
Free from rational thought
Where the diet of logic
Is full of reason
But thirsty for the freedom of change
Disrupted spirit
As the winds turn to the west
And the cage breaks free
The lark now flies
Like the falling star wished upon

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  1. I love the film. It's one that my father took me to when I was a child (he was a huge Disney fan). I recently bought it for my collection. I'm not sure why it took me this long to do so, because I've always loved the idea of it. Childhood, innocence, imagination, believing in the "unseen."