As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Saturday, September 11, 2010

AND THE BOYS (A night with Angus and Julia)

The lights were dim and the sweet sounds of Luluc were playing over the hum of voices that filled the Palais Theater. I clutched to Samantha's hand (it was dark!!) and I was excited!! The usher guided us to our seats, walking down the isle I whispered to Samantha "my god we are at the front" she squeezed my hand so tight.

To be three rows and centre for Angus and Julia Stone, was like a dream. We looked at each other as Luluc sung about a suitcase big enough for suits and one small enough for books. How nice. My gaze drifted around the theater. I had been to many shows at the Palais and every one of them were intimate, engaging and always entertaining. The pillars plated in gold, the old musty theater smell, vinyl covered chairs, carpeted floors, I loved it. Warm and inviting.

Luluc waved goodbye and within minutes out stepped Angus and Julia. Julia dressed in a gorgeous red dress, no shoes and a red flower in her hair, Angus all long hair and scruffy, I wanted to touch him, hahahah. Then the sweet sounds began. My ears drawn in so close to the tune of "Hold On", just an acoustic guitar and these two voices. Amazing. "And I am waiting for the day, and I know you will have the heart" Simply they could have played like this the whole night and I would have been so happy.

Before I knew it, the curtain was raised and here we were in an outdoor setting at night, the roof covered in darkened blue, with flickering lights (stars), and this almighty tree. I was mesmerised. Song after song followed, Julia made magic with harmonicas and trumpets, and Angus with the mandolin and these beautiful voices. Then something happened to me.

I felt my eyes close and I sucked in all the sound without watching. So overwhelming without vision to make sense of things, all these sounds mixed with my thoughts. The song "And the Boys" began, Julia's voice filled my mind, the piano, the low drum sound, acoustic guitar and all these images came to me and as I opened my eyes all these pieces of gold (paper) were released from the roof. Not just a few, thousands and thousands of pieces. And because we were so close we were covered in the gold. I was overcome and could feel the tears coming, the music, the gold, the feeling, the future, the thoughts, all in one moment. How can one enjoy experiences with out seeing and being part of a visual world.....breaks my heart.

I put this thought in the dark place of my mind. The show soon finished and I had the best night. Samantha Jane I love you lots and thanks for sharing the night with me.......

I began writing yesterday when I re-heard "And the Boys", this below is inspired by that song......

The moth whispered
Fluttering beneath my eyes
Once caught in the cracks
Wings covered in loves dust
Landing amongst the clutter
Of forgotten dreams
Words in bottles never thrown
Flecks of gold blow in the wind
I've got nothing to give
It flutters in my ear
You have your love I answer
Kissing the moth with my breathe
The cracks open
The gold falls


  1. Magical! Felt like I was there too.

  2. I think you would have loved it, espcially the gold falling from the ceiling.....was really beautiful. Will inspire many more words I know....I kept some gold!

  3. It was absolutely amazing! Thankyou for allowing me to spend this special night with you Sarah Jane xoxo Your strength inspires me