As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Inspired by the three words

For my friend who I believe in very much, she brings light to my life, creates beauty, defines know it when you have it, it defines you, shelters you, nurtures and makes you the friend all people need.

His feathers were at rest
Weary the body begins to fade
Yet the spirit prepares to take flight
Unable to remain with the body
As distant places call him
No longer anything the spirit can give
Taking to the sky
The spirit looks downward
At its empty shell
Shrivelled amongst the sand
Solitary and empty
Feeling his heart pulsating
Wondering can his spirit ever leave
I still love you he whispers
But you are my curse
Goodbye, goodbye my love
Let me leave with grace
Warmth radiates from the remains
He clutches at the charm
That drapes round his neck
The coolness of the stone
Held tight to his chest
Like the memory
Which lingers in the air
The past floating
And layers begin to fall
Salty tears flow from his eyes
As the waves crash against the shore
Remaining the rock and the heart
While the sky above catches on fire
A yellow glow covering his back
Feeling his skin covered in a new warmth
Daylight has returned
No longer held captive by night
He drops the stone
Releasing the past
The last lone feather drops
Spiralling toward the earth
The light caught on the water’s edge
Reflecting the deep green stone
Sparkling inward light
I won’t forget you

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