As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Sunday, September 25, 2011


the happiness quest is like
strawberries dripping with
sunshine and dew
being drawn to your scent
the brown chair next to the fading print
sunlight breaking the dream
car rides and loud music with your glancing eye
lattes in takeaway cardboard cups
birds on a wire on winter mornings
my heart in the nape of your neck
it is his cheeky grin and cars made of dough
purple scarves draped like lavender fields
when you won’t let me go
the freedom of having a heart broken like
waterfalls crashing on rocks
summer evenings walking on warm cement
the photos that line the archways like
carefully paved cities
movie nights and homemade ice-cream
the shadows drawn on your back
honeysuckle vines choking red brick alleyways
the bike tyres dodging the gaps in the bridge
the rattling bones in my ear
pressed leaves in old phone books
long grass and white butterflies
your hands dancing like ribbons twirling in the wind
hot chips on the beach
when you spoke the words of your people
my shadowed eyes searching for visions
like forgotten flowers
scattered upon the aging stone
dressing the spirit in light
like a dress made of autumn silk
the happiness quest

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