As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Like silent movies
The black and white memories
Move quickly
In love you love
But there is no love
The world is crushing
With thoughts and expectation
The returning
The fate
Time creates space
Given up love
The folding of cards
Loving is hard
Losing the game of passion
Fear lying on the table
It has returned
Broken memories are swept
Under the worn rug
With the invisible broom
That hangs in the cupboard near
My heart
Eyes like deep swirling whirlpools
Catching the spirit in the current
As tear drops fall on the inside
Flowing downward
As time and space are forgotten
Filling, the dam lying in the bottom
Of the lungs
Drowning the spirit in a deep
Salty fluid
Flooding every drawn breathe
The reflection of the water
The body standing on the edge
Looking deep into the eyes
Scared to jump into the current
Whispers of love float on the top
Clouds gather
The hand releases a little boat
The breeze from the heart
Directs it to the horizon
At the back of the mind
The sun from the soul falls
Toward the horizon
The sky speaks
The swirling water stands still
Things will never be the same again
The screams go unheard
As the boat begins to sink

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