As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Does ones life have many momets of being re-born? Do we die on the inside and then come back into life with newness?  I feel like over the past week I have been re-born.  My life has rebegun, yet like all things new I am feeling really apprehensive and nervous.  I fear.....

I don't float with the changing winds all that well and even when goodness is the prime denominator I fear that one day I will fall from the skies....I wrote this poem a few months ago, yet it has just as much relevance as I begin a new phase in my life......

The internal beast that I feed with my attention
It makes a banquet of my mind
Never enough to satisfy its hunger
A simmering, smouldering stew
Bubbling and fermenting
For the cannibal to devour
But it desires my waveless heart beat
Turning it into a chaotic place full of mess
Braising, parching and scorching
Preparing for its meal
I desire to flee the outbreak of commotion
And be free of the controllable
The dominating thought
My suffocating breath
I am panicked by the beast
That constantly wants to gorge on my soul
Immobilising me
The questioning in my mind
As the beast starts to grow
And manifest, feeding
Feeding off a bottomless pit
Leaving me empty
Apart from the beast itself

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