As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Sunday, March 20, 2011


My housemates call my room the Indian Bazaar, because candles and incense burn, lights are low, beautiful colours of gold’s, purples and oranges surround me, little ornaments and keepsakes are blessed and music is played.  To me it is my room, my place, my space, my calm.  I need that, we all need that space where we are untouched and safe and at peace.....this is where I sit now.

Today I sat by Merri Creek, the grass comforted me, the running water was calming, I lay on the grass watching the clouds pass above me listening to music and enjoying my own company, who would have thought in suburban Preston one would feel lost in nature....

Your heart catches my gaze
I see its aching
Nestled in the depth of you
I see its travels
Criss crossed with dead ends and
Winding paths
Your heart looks into my vision
Imprinting your longing within me
I feel its confusion
Resting amongst me
I feel it’s broken pieces
Wanting to be met with mine
Your hearts thoughts
Intertwine throughout my
And my needing you
But rubbing against the knowing
You are not mine to have
I grope at the flesh between us
Why can’t you give me your everything?
Leave my heart with something
Apart from this longing that will not fade

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