As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Sunday, April 24, 2011

like myself

The ramblings of my heart, the broken drought, the folds of my thoughts, the longing for more, letting go, giving in, searching, hurt, demanding.......

Ambered by my darkness
Clutching at my naked warmth
As the silent breeze
Laced with tunes of coolness
Longs for the connection
That feels my heart close
When is enough, enough?
Dawn injures my heart
As unknown breakages fall
You want me to know more
See more
Love more
Chasing the courage
That is your shadow
With a justifying march
Forgetting the beauty that’s embodied
In fallen dreams
Mist wrapped in the fear
Clutching at dark shadows
That my heartbeat hears
Unnoticed clouds drift
Reflecting white mist
As silence is spoken
In the truths untold
The disappearing sun fades
Stillness falls between us
And golden embers weave the sky
Loves liquid wets our open hearts
It’s my heart aching
Unshielded from the oppressive flood
My longing for you
Grows with each tear that does fall
I am blinded by the dark
And sadness cradles me
As daylight seems so far away
While blackness fills my heart

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