As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


wrote this list a few months to cross some things off, love to cross them all off eventually.  We all need lists like this

1. Go to Warnambool

2. Write a song

3. Watch the sun rise

4. Go to the ballet

5. Go to the opera

6. Move out of home

7. Take lots of photos

8. Read

9. Learn a language

10. See the twelve apostles

11. Join a choir

12. Be a better friend

13. Learn to be a better listener

14. Try new foods

15. See more movies

16. Drink tea in a tea house

17. Attempt something creative

18. Travel places on a train

19. Go to the zoo

20. Catch a ferry to Williamstown

21. Stand on a cliff edge and scream

22. Be grateful

23. Write something and put it in a bottle and throw it into the ocean

24. Laugh heaps more

25. Sleep soundly

26. Save some money

27. Tell my friends i appreciate them

28. Write, write, write, write, write, write

29. Be a fantastic aunty

30. Have more movie days with Molly and Jack

31. Drive in a paddock

32. Volunteer some time and some of myself

33. Spend quality time with my close people

34. Read, read, read, read, read

35. Learn to hug

36. Bury a time capsule

37. Plant a tree and watch it grow

38. Fly a kite

39. Sleep outdoors watching the stars

40. Grow something and cook it

41. Learn to throw a boomerang

42. Hire a houseboat

43. Get involved in a protest rally

44. Go to the footy

45. Help at a soup kitchen

46. Tell my mum that I love her more

47. Do a first aid course

48. Take a vow of silence

49. Go to the Tamworth Music Festival

50. Love me more


  1. I like 21. I want to scream on the edge of a cliff, too! Right now.

  2. hahha.....screaming at the edge of a cliff, all time want!! Love 37, 38 and 48 the most. Hahah....write a list, love lists