As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I came to Northland today, to change scenery and amongst the hustle of people shopping (yes I know why????) hoped for some inspiration.  I was sitting in Collins Bookstore enjoying a coffee when I heard that an author was coming to sign her book, and it was Foz Meadows.  Admitidly I had not heard about her.  But quickly googled her and found her on Twitter and am now following her (still am not too sure about Twitter, who would want to follow me????)  So while Googling I found this great article on her Interview with Foz Meadows....its great.....(little did I know she was sitting right next to me at the time!!! She too enjoying a coffee!!!!) anyway she has written a book called Solace and Grief and was in the store to do signings. 

I quickly messaged Melanie, who I know would know about her and would definatley be interested.  No I took upon myself to purchase the book for Melanie (we know I am not into vampires!!!!  hahahah) and introduce myself.  Instantly I was inspired, but also felt stupid, like I was just latching onto her becasue she was here, when my intent was about me today, to sit and write.  Never had I heard of her, dont read vampire stories and here I was getting her to sign her book!!  hahah......I hope some real fans came and took advantage of this persons talent.....

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