As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Last night was the final poetry class. Spending time with Melanie has been the best this year.  Learnt so much from her teachings, and from my own teachings, some interesting and beautiful discussions.  Thank you my friend.  We ended our "car" discussion with SIMPLE THOUGHTS FOR SIMPLE PEOPLE. Discussion lead to thought and thought lead to a sleepless night and words.  It got me thinking that I really admire those who live integral lives with simple ways of thinking.
A simple person has a more comfortable presence and personality, the more simple the more ideal.

I realise I guess there are two ways of how people can work at life either as a problem or simply as a a SITUATION

I read a parable last night by Osho where there as a king (always about Kings!!!) who wanted to appoint a prime minister so he gathered together four great thinkers and he put them in a room.  He said he would lock them in and their challenge was to solve the puzzle of unlocking the door.  The first one to solve the puzzle become prime minister.

Three of the four thinkers jumped straight into working out the problem.  They observed numbers on the lock and wrote them down as they began working out the PROBLEM.

The fourth thinker simply sat himself in a corner.  Of course the other thinkers thought he was mad.  After a few minutes he stood up, went to the door and opened it and left.

The other three were all still scratching their heads trying to sole the PROBLEM, that they didn't even notice the fourth thinker had left.

Eventually the King came with the fourth man, telling the others to stop, that he had found his Prime Minister.  "This is the man".  They could not believe their eyes.

How could this happen??  Even I question, where was he deserving.

The fourth thinker however realised there was no PROBLEM.  The basic thing was to work out of the door was locked or not.  He meditated silently, gathered his consciousness and pondered.  The first simple ask


If there is, solve it.  If not there is nothing to be solved.  That's what the fourth thinker did.  He checked if the door was locked, and it wasn't.

Its about being aware I guess.

So I have thought all day how can I live a SIMPLE LIFE?????  And I have come up with a few key things I think

1) Understand yourself.  Recognise your calling and live toward that that as much as possible.  SIMPLE do what you love and love what you do.

2) Spend less money than you earn.  SIMPLE abundance is in the heart really.

3) Connect with people, the earth and the universe.  SIMPLE you are not alone.

4) Don't judge, no event person or circumstance.  SIMPLE everything is at its best for that moment.

5) Live with intention, embrace what shows up.  SIMPLE each person, circumstance that comes your way is a gift, be gracious.

6) Love fully without conditions, especially yourself.  SIMPLE with love you will feel the most amount of joy.

7) Know there is enough for all.  SIMPLE be generous.

8) Live in the moment, learn from the past and anticipate the future.  SIMPLE, now is all that is important.

9) Know the joy you seek is already with you.  SIMPLE look within.

10) Breathe.  SIMPLE it calms the soul

mmmmmm just some ideas....always ideas....


  1. What a fantastic refection! Precise connection to Osho's parable. I love a good old parable!

  2. Haha! What a funny conversation it was...but it did get me thinking. Well done to the simples!