As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Monday, September 17, 2012

You will love them with that heart of yours

Yesterday I was lucky enough to share a few hours with Deb Ellks who I have known for roughly 20 years, she's a beautiful friend of my aunts , she performed a song at my mothers exhibition so she has always kind of been on my periphery but yesterday she was in my central vision. Her insights and beliefs are rich and full of depth and spending time with her was a privilege....thanks Deb!!

The story I have been telling myself involves the realization of growth and knowing. I know in times of growth and change I really struggle and I usually live in a freaked out state until the wave of change passes.

But today choose to step into the light today, I choose to see the light I radiate and I allow others to also shine their own light too....

The heart covered in cloth

The heart beats with rested ease

The cloth is love

Her hand comforts the place

She searches amongst the rubble and clutter, where she finds the key. It shines a brilliant deep blue. This is the key designed to unlock your cupboard.

Inside that cupboard is your soul

The cupboard has been waiting for this day where unfolding trust is ready

Her hand reaches toward the well polished cupboard that sits amongst your bones and skin. Her hand shakes as she moves the glistening key toward the key hole

Your heart beats faster, for now you realise this a moment of true beauty

As she turns the key you both hear the click sound as the cupboard door unlocks. The tiny door feels free

She opens the door slowly and with care as fear begins to fill you

Fear for what might escape

Fear for what might be seen behind the door

Silence falls completely between you both

She peers in and it is your heart she sees. She pulls it closer

“Where is your flame?” she asks

“My flame?” You respond

“Yes, the warmth that makes you, you.” She says

“I don’t know.” You reply

“Well we need to ignite it, because you can’t live without it.” Again amongst the mess surrounding me she finds a match, which she strikes and leans into your cupboard and in the corner of your heart she ignites a small fire

She stands back, where she can see the tiny flickering of light illuminating the space with an orange and golden radiance

“I see your spirit.” She tells you

“It is beautiful and perfect.”

She moves closer reaching in and shifting your heart slightly

“Don’t be scared" you look into her eyes where you can see the reflection of the quivering flame

“For this is you.” She says.

You begin to feel your insides fill with warmth as the flames grows bigger

The blanket of darkness that covered you both begins to lighten

Looking above, the sky begins to turn in colour from black to green

The horizon tinged with a yellow lining

She too stands and watches the beauty of darkness fade into light

“Its time.” She says taking your hand

“For what?” You reply

“For you to see your own light.” She smiles warmly

“I can’t see it.” You respond trying to look down and in to yourself.

“You must, it’s all there. Can’t you feel it?”

Doubt emerges. You cannot see what she sees

“It’s beautiful my friend. It’s unique. You need not fear anymore.”

She stands back looking at you. She closes the cupboard door.

“I can’t do this for you. I can’t show you.” She smiles.

“You must do this for yourself. Because until then, the flame within you will never burn brightly.”

You feel the warmth begin to subside and you know the flame is losing its lustre

“But I am scared.” You say

“I don’t think I am strong enough to keep my fire burning.”

“But that is where you are wrong.” She takes your hand in hers and a warmth moves between you

“You just need to believe it is there. Because is in all of us we have a spirit that is ignited by self belief. I believe in you and I see your inner beauty radiate. You just need to feel it.”

“What is that I feel within me, that thumping feeling, the warmth?” you rest your hand on your chest

“That is your heart, your shining spirit that is your radiating soul, and it that is what is your flame. And that is what you must never let burn out.”

You take her hand and place it below yours

The yellow glow above you both begins to turn to orange and green to light shades of blue. You both look toward the sky

This is the realisation.

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