As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Goodbye moon Goodnight sun

Before I share my poem I'd like to firstly thank Paul, through his kindness and generosity he has driven me home from work over the past couple of months. Through this offering I've also been fortunate and extremely lucky to be presented and inspired to take the everyday and make it known....and it is the unknown that remains undone and unfinished....

So it makes me wonder how do you want to be remembered when you die, when your life ends?? Are we the things that we leave behind? Or are the thoughts, feelings and perceptions held by others all that remain?

I hope I leave this world with a little incomplete....a little left behind, a little undone!!

You left the half painted wall
smeared green across
the sky of deep blue
my arms outstretched

I can't reach the places
your half read book
and half played game
the sounds of an unfinished tune

This will remain undone

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