As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Friday, October 18, 2013

Part 1 Sunday 13th October....The buffalo used to say

Let me rewind time a little....we have left Melbourne Australia heading for Athens Greece it is early Sunday morning....

The ending of night and the dawning of day have overlapped and my heart is thumping in my chest like I've never felt before.

Rainbow hues weave themselves through the clouds and finally I feel myself exhale for the first time in days.....we were finally on our way to Greece, and even though I was strapped into the seat on the plane, I still didn't believe it was happening.

The song Jimmy begins to play in my ears, the harmonica making my eyes close, I see my mum in my minds eye, this song also meaning so much to her.  I think of her and how the core of who I have become is due to the woman she is.  My heart beat grows stronger, longing for me to not lose her from my heart.  The song draws me to my thoughts of where I have come from and who I am. I have played this so many times and every time these same lyrics stay with me long after the sound fades....

The Buffaloes used to say be proud of your name
The Buffaloes used to say be what you are
The Buffaloes used to say roam where you roam
The Buffaloes used to say do what you do

We are four hours away from our stop over in Doha Qatar, and I look at my friend Melanie and I just feel this wave of joy for her.  This is a dream of hers coming true that the story that has flowed deep within her for as long as I can remember, is now becoming reality.

What was my reality in all of this? Was I also on a journey? As the light breaks through the window reflecting off the planes wing I wonder what my story is or where that story belongs......

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