As my light becomes dark

I intertwine my words and vision into woven light

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Workshop Me

Inspiration can come from two words, yesterday I told my housemate, Agnes, who is new to blogging to read my poems and then "workshop me", she thought she had to read a poem called this and looked everywhere to read it.  This lead to us now each writing a poem called "Workshop Me" and here is my attempt.  You can check out Agnes' version on her new blog

Take my mind and read its overflowing liquid
Skim through the contradictions and faults
Hear my heart speak
Touch its beating rhythm
And dance with my movements
My weakness pulsates through my veins
Feel the sound with your hands
That fall over me like the floating
Blossom caught in spring’s breath
My flesh crinkled like used tissue paper
Craving to be wrapped around your music
My shadows hang in the dark corners of my lung
Draped in the beautiful scandal of your spoken word
My scent full of the madness in my being
As my conversation stains the air between us
Work with me
Caress my tenderness
Forgive me
Capture my reflection
Love me


  1. I love the way you took a much deeper approach! It does shake my emotions.

  2. And I thank you for inspiring me first! I keep coming back to your workshop me it is mesmerizing.